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Create the greatest memories in Seychelles

Inhabited since the 18th Century, Seychelles Island gained the interest of the French and British colony. Located in the Western Indian Ocean, slaves were brought from Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique and India, resulting in a diverse culture still visible in Seychelles’ gastronomy, customs, arts, architecture and religions. The Island republic encompasses 115 islands with pristine beaches and a luxurious array of marine species. Home to over 1,100 marine animals, 279 bird species, including the rare bare-legged Scops owl and 80 unique plants, this sumptuous destination with unspoilt nature has been a safe haven for various celebrities.

More than a honeymoon destination, Seychelles has its share of surprises. On Mahe Island, the hidden treasure of the French Pirate, Olivier Levasseur awaits to be found by some adventurous souls. For more thrilling experiences, challenge yourself or your friends and relatives with rock climbing, discover the exotic underwater world with an exceptional spectrum of colourful coral reefs through scuba diving, or enjoy a peaceful walk between the magnificent mountains. For the greatest memories, visitors can approach the majestic Aldabra Giant Tortoise, the world’s biggest tortoise and discover the spectacular Coco de Mer, considered the biggest nut in the world.

As colourful as its flag, the archipelago’s culture is a harmonious mixture of European, Asian and African lifestyle. The native languages of Seychellois includes Creole Seselwa, French and English because of colonisers. The gastronomy has also not been spared of their rich culture. From the Cassava pudding to shark chutney and curry variety, get ready for an explosion of flavours to delight your taste buds. Even more sensational, the Seychellois music and dance perfectly represent the different ethnic groups in the destination. To preserve and share it’s folk culture, visitors can assist and participate in traditional creole dances in hotels.

Accommodations in Seychelles have even more to offer in terms of preservation and conservation of the environment and culture. Various hotels and resorts in the destination provide locally sourced food to reduce importation, use renewable sources of energy, eco-friendly products, reduce water consumption, and educate guests on sustainable practices during their stay.

Sustainable Travel Facts


Visit the two UNESCO World Heritage sites of Seychelles, namely The Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve and Aldabra Atoll. Among the two terrestrial national parks and six marine ones, get immersed by the species diversity.

Travelling safely:

Avoid hiking alone or leaving bags unattended on beaches. When engaging in water activities, be careful in coastal waters as strong currents can be dangerous.

Peak season:

July and August are considered to be the best months to visit Seychelles, yet visiting during low season can contribute to sustainable tourism lifestyle.

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Seychelles is located roughly 860 km northeast of Madagascar and 230 km southwest of Reunion Island

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Seychelles is an archipelago nation which comprises 115 islands. It covers around 455 square km with a population amounting to 97,000. It’s capital is Victoria city located in Mahé

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