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Sustainable Travel in Reunion

Réunion is a volcanic tropical island in the Indian Ocean, and a French overseas territory located to the East of the island of Madagascar and to the West of Mauritius. Though Réunion is small, only 63 kilometres long and 45 kilometres wide, it is a fascinating and distinctive Island.

The South Coast is host to an active volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise, which has erupted more than 100 times since 1640 and is constantly monitored, and hiking the cone of the volcano is a popular activity. On the West Coast lie sandy beaches, for sunbathing, surfing or scuba diving. The varied inland terrain offers mountains, ‘cirques’, waterfalls and verdant forests for hiking and canyoning, or even try helicopter tours for some of the best views.

Réunion offers a variety of accommodation options, with fewer hotels but some charming guest houses, lodges and bed and breakfasts, particular within the ‘cirques’ of Mafate and Cilaos. The main spoken language is French Creole, with French the official language, so some knowledge of French would be an advantage to aid communication.