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The colors of India

India is known around the world for its movies, food and multitude of cultures. But there is more to this astonishing country that needs to be talked about. The sceneries are unique and unexpected in comparison with the image that we have in our mind. Only one way to change said image, let's explore the country and see what it has to offer!

The country is culturally diverse with religions spanning from hinduism to buddhism among others. Hinduism is known as one of the oldest religions in the world, this has as a result given us a multitude of temples and sites dedicated to the religion. Such temples as The Sun temple of Odisha with its golden color properly representing the god it venerates. With an architecture out of this world this is only one of the many that you can visit.

Sightseeing could be considered as one of the most common things to do in India with also one of the world’s 7 wonders of the world; the Taj Mahal, the white marble building which causes gasps around the world. Not only a wonder of architecture but also subject to the beautiful story ofMumtaz Mahal's husband, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, had the Taj Mahal constructed as a mausoleum for her. After being the emperor's constant companion since their marriage in 1612, she passed away while delivering her child in 1631.

Beautiful buildings are not the only thing that you can witness in India. This includes Goa with beautiful golden and azure beaches. With a multitude of activities that will give you unforgettable experiences. The best would be to visit during festival seasons in order to enjoy the multitude of festivities celebrated by the locals. But if it is not possible, Goa offers new experiences all year round from monsoon season to winter season with new foods and adventures for each. Tired of staying grounded? Take it to the skies with the hot air balloons or go bungee jumping. Or dive beneath the waters and discover the diversity and fauna of the beautiful, clear waters. If you want to explore the place further, rent an electric bike from B:Live and tour around the locality exploring, adventuring and learning more about Goa. You can also explore Andanam, the scenic islands at the junction of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea with sea activities such as scuba diving or boating.

India also offers mountainous landscapes and alien new lands to explore with the Himalayas bordering the country and Tibet. Places such as Shimla have fully taken advantage of their location, settling and expanding with Victorian era buildings with a breathtaking landscape of the green and white mountains in the background that you would not expect to see in India. If you think that snow peaked mountains are the only things that you will see you would be wrong. Explore the gorgeous and unscathed landscape of the Spiti valley. With a desert landscape extending beyond what the eyes can see with clouds rolling on the mountain range resembling fantastic lands you would only imagine seeing in films, while said mountains seem to blend in the sky.

The Safar’India

Since India is famous for its elephants, most people overlook the country's other animal life. India offers a wide variety of plant and animal species that you cannot find elsewhere. Because it has one of the most distinctive environments in the world, safaris are the best ways to connect with the region of India that is more focused on nature.

Safaris such as the village expedition of Indian Himalayas offer a visit of ten days which not only allow you to explore the Nanda Devi Bird Sanctuary but also stay with the locals in order to understand how the way of life functions. Gujarat Wildlife Experience instead focuses on beautiful animals that you would normally see in captivity in other places galloping and living in their natural habitat.

Mountain Cycling Amritsar to Delhi allows you to explore the beautiful mountain tops and culture filled villages and temples that make up the least known parts of India. And these are but a few of the safaris available. There is much more to explore so buckle up and get going!

Safety advice

1. Be careful of what you eat and drink. Some of the foods in India are fast foods made of unsafe water or unsanitary conditions.
2. Stay close to your belongings. The streets are often very crowded with pickpockets looming around
3. Be aware of your surroundings and always know where you are
4. Respect the locals and their culture