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Be amazed by the Treasure Island

Located on the Sri Lankan coast and covering an area of 297.8 square kilometres, Maldives, also known as “Treasure Island” will definitely provide you value for money as a destination. Found in the southeast region of India and about 3,125 km from Mauritius, the island is also part of the archipelago of the Indian Ocean. Despite being the smallest country in Asia, Maldives Island consists of 26 coral atolls and 1,192 islands, wherein 187 are inhabited. For this reason, the island is also perceived as “A Necklace of Exquisitely Beautiful Pearls created by God”. Considering that resorts are built on the inhabited islands, visitors who dream of a quiet, private, luxurious and cosy accommodation can easily find their happiness.

Famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches, untouched natural beauty of Mother Nature, blissful water activities, luxurious overwater accommodations and more, Maldives has a myriad of surprises to live up to the dream of different travellers. If you are fond of stargazing, get ready to watch with sparkling eyes the bioluminescent water which will give you an out-of-this-world experience. Truly a Treasure Island, the fauna and flora of Maldives guarantees escapism from daily routines, from swimming with the majestic but gentle sharks, to witnessing an explosion of colours with the tropical plants such as the national flower of the island, the Rosa Polyantha.

Home to the largest collection of coral reefs, and 1,600 Manta rays, Maldives also accommodates around 543,620 individuals. Ready to welcome you with the warmest smile, many locals are fluent in English and French, especially staff in resorts who can speak several international languages adding to their native language, the Dhivehi. Staying true to their culture, Maldives allows you to dive into an ocean of flavours with different fishes at the core of their menu and a diversity of cooking styles inspired from Arab, Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. Tasting Maldives culture is undoubtedly delightful but feeling it in your bones is exceptional. The beats from the BoduBeru dance will move your heart and take you off your seat. As an islamic country, if you decide to visit the Island in April you will have the opportunity to celebrate Eid festival with the locals and experience Maldives authenticity.

The tourism industry being one of the pillars of the Island, Maldives also aims at promoting sustainable tourism lifestyle. The destination is increasingly making efforts to reduce plastic waste in its ocean by collaborating with The World Bank and NGOs as Parley. Protecting marine life is one of the main concerns of Maldives, which is why educational campaigns and programs are organised to sensitise locals, tourism organisations and visitors. At the comfort of your chosen luxurious resort, you can also practise responsible tourism by using the eco-friendly products available. Get ready to get immersed in a memorable Maldivian holiday experience, leaving a small ecological footprint behind and contributing immensely to the future generations.

Sustainable Travel Facts


Various resorts in Maldives use solar energy, have recycling facilities on premises and provide visitors the opportunity to partake in conservation programs as reef cleanups, marine biologist-guided snorkelling outings and even a junior marine biology program for children.


From Nature parks, to Nature Reserves, Eco walking tour, Local food tour and Eco Garden, Maldives attractions and activities will reconnect you with nature on a deeper level.

Travelling safely:

As a 100% Islamic country, alcohol is not allowed in Maldives and even on inhabited islands except in resorts where a decent variety of alcoholic drinks are available. Wearing a bikini on public beaches is also prohibited but Bikini Beaches will enable you to have the most Instagrammable pictures in your splendid bikini.

Supporting locals:

What better way to connect with locals than staying in a guesthouse to learn about the Maldivian lifestyle! Else, local artisans across the Island will be delighted to provide you with their handmade souvenir gifts.

Peak seasons in Maldives:

November to April when monsoon season is over, with December and January being the most busy months.

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Maldives Location

Situated on the southwest of India, the Maldives is an archipelago close to Sri Lanka at approximately 700 km.

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Covering an area of nearly 298 km, Maldives is home to approximately 540,000 individuals. Its capital is Male.

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