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1200 reasons to love the Maldives

The Maldives is a collection of 1200 islands situated in the southwest region of India. The islands are known for their numbers and reclusiveness from the rest of the world, a peaceful location each with their own unique landscape and ways of escapism. A preferred spot for honeymoons and romance, the islands are not limited to only these activities. Be it with your significant other, your family or by yourself, you will find a way to entertain yourself on those gorgeous islands.

Emboodhu Finolhu, one of the most well-known islands in the archipelago, may have caught your eye. the mental image of the bungalows branching out from the bridges in the shape of leaves. Emboodhu is most likely the source of this image. This island provides a tranquil setting with resorts offering stress-relieving massages and treatments along with restaurants serving delectable traditional cuisine. These islands' simplicity enables a detachment from the outside world. The bungalows, which also appear straightforward from the outside, are extremely modern inside. All stress is sure to vanish with beds and bathtubs made for comfort.

The islands are home to a distinctive marine ecosystem that can be investigated in numerous reserves. Visit coral reserves and swim with whale sharks. You do not need to worry about getting wet because the whale submarine has you covered. While seated safely and comfortably in the vehicle, explore the depths. If you still want to explore the seas but would rather stay above water, you can choose paddleboarding. Given that the seas are generally calm, this can be soothing and calming. Many seaplane companies offer flight services so that you can calmly fly over the archipelago and take in the beauty of the islands from above if you want a complete view of the islands.

Surfing is also part of the agenda if you are more of an extreme sport enthusiast. Although it is more of an intermediate level you are most likely to find your perfect spot. If the waves are not with you, the winds blowing almost all year round, the islands also include several schools for those who are new to kitesurfing. Go to Reethi beach and do some paragliding! Practice is not necessary for this one. Just sit tight and let yourself be pulled and fly above the waves as you enjoy the sight of the sea below you.

Numerous tour operators provide excursions to the mosques and other cultural sites on the main island. UNESCO has designated some locations, like the Male Friday Mosque, which has been standing since 1658, as World Heritage Sites. Surprise of surprises, the island also has a Buddhist temple. In the 1950s, many artifacts were also discovered with the Thoddoo Buddhist temple.

However, rainforests are something you might not expect to find in the Maldives. Yes, the island has a lot of rainforests, each with their own myths and legends. They also support a wide variety of animals and plants that are specific to the archipelago. These wilds are unlike any other you've been on; they are leisurely and unwinding rather than strenuous and long like the ones you've been to elsewhere. The small island makes it possible to enjoy yourself while walking through the entire forest in a short amount of time.

Sunset in the Maldives

The Maldives are all subject to outstanding landscape. Beautiful beaches, calm clear waters and cloudless skies. Most importantly however is the sun shining overhead. But what happens when this said sun sets? Exactly, one of the most outstanding images that is going to be stuck with you for the rest of your lives. Not only is it beautiful and spectacular but it also shafts the mood of the day to night. From a day of fun and activities to a night of relaxation and enjoyment. But the sunsets themselves are astounding, changing color each time offering a new painting of the dusk sky for you to enjoy.

Safety Advice

1. The Maldives is a conservative country. Alcohol is thus prohibited in most of the areas.
2. Avoid Drinking Tap Water
3. Do not litter the beaches or seas
4. Picking up corals and seashells is also prohibited or should be done with restraint as to not destroy the natural environment of the ecosystem.