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Picking seashells on the seashores of the Seychelles

The Seychelles is an Archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean made up of 115 islands. With welcoming people, gorgeous islands and a very recognisable and iconic endemic plant, the Lodoicea, Seychelles has so much to offer to all and every people who wish to explore it. From island hopping to relaxing and partying the island is a treasure trove.

One name that you will hear when talking about the Seychelles is, “La Digue”. This beach is known worldwide for its beautiful and distinctive scenery. With the rocks that have been eroded in a unique way giving the beach its beauty alongside the clear waters and refined sand. The beach in itself is an experience while the resorts and spa offers a relaxing experience.

Mahe meanwhile offers an urban life combined with the traditional lifestyle of the Seychellois. The main island also consists of beautiful beaches with traditional boutiques and products more present on the main island compared to the rest with hotels lining it as well. If you wish to delve deeper in the ocean a semi submarine service can be obtained, so hop on and delve deeper. If you want to know about the history of the Seychelles National Museum and learn about the past of this gorgeous island. Discover nature at the Valée de Mai Nature reserve with exciting little critters and greenery.

But Seychelles is not only about morning life. The nightlife is also very exciting and active. With a music scene that is unique and fresh. Shows, concerts and festivals are ever so present on the island. Nightclubs such as the barrel nightclub or the Ozone welcomes a multitude of people with local artists often participating, preparing yourself to travel to a new and ecstatic world of dancing and partying.

Honeymoon on the golden beaches

The seychelles are the perfect islands for your post marital escapade. Alphonse Island is the ideal honeymoon getaway thanks to its breathtaking setting, excellent service, and wide range of recreational opportunities for you and your significant other to partake in.

The island being reserved for getaways, you will be free to walk and ride your bike together without any interruption with the employees of the resort as the only interaction that there will be as they will be at your service.

However the truth is all of the islands of the archipelago are fit for your honeymoon away from everything where you can enjoy only each other’s company.

Safety Advice

1. Do not litter
2. Do not collect seashells in excessive amount