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Experience the rich cultural legacy of India

Known as a destination with a kaleidoscope of cultures and fascinating places to visit, India is located on the south of Mauritius and on the north of Seychelles. Covering an area of 3.287 million square kilometres, it is known as the 7th largest country in the world with a population counting 1.393 billion inhabitants. Despite being densely populated, you will not go unnoticed. Locals will make sure to greet you and make you feel as special as a celebrity visiting this mesmerising destination, so practise your ‘namaste’ and get ready to make some friends on your way. For a more quiet trip, less crowded regions as Goa and Maharashtra will be as blissful with a touch of serenity.

In the quest of a peaceful and cultural trip, get ready to embark on a spiritual journey and learn about four ancient religions which originated in India, namely, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Acclaimed for its secularity and tolerance of other religions and cultures, India incarnates peace and unity. To preserve such a peaceful atmosphere, visitors are requested to remove their footwear when entering temples likewise to locals’ houses and are advised to bring an offering in temples to honour the gods. Hosting over a thousand festivals a year, well-known festivals such as Diwali, Holi and Ganesh Chaturthi originate from this exhilarating destination.

Visitors not only have the opportunity to reconnect with their inner self through yoga activities practised in various hotels in India but also reconnect with nature. The destination is home to 70% of the world’s tiger population and an extravagant collection of species. In fact, India never fails to marvel the world. The destination holds the breathtaking Taj Mahal, considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. This wondrous destination also contains 38 UNESCO World Heritage sites in which 30 are cultural sites. Those who had the chance to see New York’s Statue of Liberty will have the opportunity to stand before the stunning 597 ft high Statue of Unity in India, which is twice its size.

If the impressive architecture of India has the power to leave you speechless, rest assured that their language diversity will entice you to speak. Among its 19,500 dialects, India’s main languages include Hindi-Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengalis and Gujarati. Locals also know how to open visitors’ appetites with their mouth watery and most authentic cuisine. Pharatas, tandoori chicken, samosas, and gulab jamun among others leaves visitors asking for more. For more authenticity, India is increasingly focusing on sustainable developments and encouraging visitors to practise responsible tourism.

Sustainable Travel Facts


The Heritage hotels in India are located in enchanting settings as ancient castles, forts and palaces in nature. The ecolodges are equipped with renewable energy and locally-sourced food.

Support locals:

Visitors can volunteer in rescue centres as the Primate Trust monkey rescue centre. Trekking, bird watching or staying in locals’ houses can connect visitors with nature and Indians.

Travelling safely:

As a conservative country, it is advised to avoid public displays of affection when travelling as couples, especially if part of the LGBTQ community. To fit in, dressing modestly is taken seriously, especially for women. Visitors are advised to be careful when giving alms to locals and rather donate to charities.

Peak season:

October and February are the most crowded so to be more sustainable it is advised to travel off-peak season.

Quick Info

India Location

Situated in South Asia, India is also surrounded by the Indian Ocean on its southern side, at approximately 700 km of Maldives and 4,100 km of Mauritius.

Map of India

Covering an area of nearly 3.29 million square km, India is home to over 1.3 billion people. Its capital is New Delhi, while Mumbai is the largest city in terms of population and economic significance

Weather in India

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India Location

Situated in South Asia, India is also surrounded by the Indian Ocean on its southern side, at approximately 700 km of Maldives and 4,100 km of Mauritius.

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