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Eco accommodation in Mauritius

Tourist accommodation in Mauritius is no longer the preserve of the luxury hotel industry, as there are now a range of accommodation types to choose from, including many for the eco-conscious traveller.

You can still choose luxury accommodation as an eco-tourist, as there are a number of 4-5 star hotels, beach villas and luxury bungalows that operate sustainably. You can choose a ‘green’ hotel which uses renewable energy for example, or a luxury bungalow or apartment where they employ water saving techniques. Or you may select more rustic accommodation, such as a lodge or guest house set in a secluded natural environment.

Mauritius has many accommodation options that are perfect for eco-tourists that are located mainly in the south and south-east of the island where the natural landscape is richest. There are eco-lodges that offer rustic cabins built from sustainable materials like wood and bamboo, located in the midst of lush forests that offer spectacular hilly panoramas, offer wellness facilities and meals that are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. There are other eco-lodges that have been specially built to blend into the ecosystem and offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in nature, and others that are close to amazing natural vistas, like waterfalls and lakes. Eco-tents offer another rustic option for reducing your carbon footprint, as the structures are made from recyclable materials and they make optimum use of renewable energy as well as rainwater. For the ultimate off the grid experience you can even stay in a tree lodge…a unique opportunity to truly immerse yourself in nature and look out over the verdant landscape and even glimpse the ocean.

Of course as an eco-traveller you may not want to stay in the midst of nature, but instead absorb more in the culture, perhaps in a town or city, within population hubs, in which case you can choose smaller hotels, or guest houses or bed and breakfasts or choose a self-catering apartment or studio. You should just be aware that there are guest houses in Mauritius that are a bit less salubrious in nature so take care when choosing your accommodation.

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