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Sustainable tourism in the Indian Ocean

Holidays.IO was created to facilitate cooperation with local tour operators, NGOs and each country’s respective government with the objective of promoting Sustainable Tourism Projects throughout the Indian Ocean, and to develop a model for locally based tourism businesses that benefit local stakeholders and the population as a whole.

Collaboration also includes companies that through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or main services can and will support sustainability projects and local tourism businesses.

Holidays.IO identifies and promotes local tourist business operators that all share the values and passion for their culture and nature, and through their business, work on protecting, preserving and/or rebuilding the natural assets of their country.

Thanks to a comprehensive network of tour operators within the Indian Ocean with valuable accommodation contacts, we can negotiate great benefits for group travellers. In addition to local expertise and unique destinations, the secret of our success lies in a wide network of local suppliers, which is essential when organising group and theme trips. has guides who speak multiple languages and a minimum of one service office at each destination which is open 24 hours in high season. At present we have offices in seven different countries and expect to expand with several new offices and destinations in the coming years.

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